Between the Light and Darkness




In Between the Light and Darkness, Hong Kong photographer YAN Kallen (b. 1981) pays homage to the passion of traditional crafts artisans in Kyoto. Yan photographs the particular and mysterious implements of the artisans, illustrating in a way all the things we cannot begin to explain about a craft that is not our own. The saws appear to the untrained eye as not just rustic but ancient—a sign not of their obsolescence but of their endurance in the face of great technological advancement.

Yan prints his photos on handmade Washi paper with deckled edges, giving them a sense of timelessness as well as furthering the feeling of respect towards the physicality of artisanal craft.

Between the Light and Darkness was created for Kyotographie International Photography Festival 2017. It will be on display in a solo exhibition at Ibasho Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium from March 15 until April 22, 2018. The series was featured in GUP#56, the Transition issue.