Nico Krijno: Lockdown Collages



Visual artist Nico Krijno (b. 1981, South Africa) is based outside of Cape Town, living in a rural farm where both his studio and house are located. With his wife and two daughters away, Krijno started to work on this series of ‘lockdown’ collages in acute seclusion. The resulting images reflect the newly found space that Krijno was granted from being completely alone in the context of imposed quarantine measures.

The work presents playful and non-linear aesthetics where distorted objects, multiple layers and bright colours interplay. Hundreds of encyclopaedia images featuring kitsch household items, ornate furniture, marble sculptures and ikebana arrangements have been cut horizontally and later formed into vertical totems. Krijno’s still lifes are heavily manipulated through digital tools in the final working process, consequently, pushing the boundaries of a still image and the medium of photography in general.

‘Lockdown Collages’ weave together the mediums of photography, sculpture and performance, reflecting Krijno’s existential relation to time and space. His research-based imagery intersects an abundance of forms that blurs the notions of past and present. Consequently, he escapes from the real boundaries and frameworks that surround him.