Maria Mavropoulou: Inner State



Maria Mavropoulou (b. 1989, Greece) completed her studies (MFA) at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2018. ‘Inner State’ is a series of photographs she created as a student, between 2014-2016, documenting the atmosphere of crisis in Greece.

Lost in grey and tranquillity, all the images are confounded with a thick fog or somewhat dusty haze, turning them into ambiguous images where the viewer must observe closely in order to discover what is hidden beneath their surface. The photographs contain hints of their location: empty highways, solar panel fields, constructions left unfinished, rotten watermelons and torn flags which seem to be stuck in an intermediate state that reflects the current situation. We can detect ancient ruins or the Greek flag.

Radiating an underlying sense of tension and discomfort, ‘Inner State’ hints at a bygone era. Regardless of clear indicators, there is still a permeating sense of disorientation when viewing the series – stressing the current state of limbo and anxiety related to the future’s uncertainty of Mavropoulou’s home country.