Loved an Image



In Juliette Blightman’s (b.1980, United Kingdom) body of work, the boundaries between photography, painting, literature and performance seem to constantly blur and overlap. This makes it difficult to define through traditional labels. Her images at first appear to be connected by the presence of natural elements, but upon closer look we notice how it’s not actually forests, palm trees or cacti that define her art. The line connecting every piece of Blightman’s work is her own presence outside of the frame: her paintings, her pictures, her texts are references to intimate moments to be experienced subjectively, rather than collectively, fractions of time captured to give a second meaning to familiar details.

Blightman’s evocative yet delicate compositions push the viewer to reflect upon their close surroundings, personal relationships and the minor events, the in-between instants that go unnoticed while being busy moving forward in life. Her installations, made by sequences of images and physical objects, transform, through their simplicity, the private observations of the artist into a relatable narrative.

Juliette Blightman is represented by Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, and Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam.