Dust is the remainder of life, a surplus substance we ignore wherever possible, satisfied to give it consideration only when dealing with its removal. Collecting in corners and underfoot, its contents nevertheless reveal much about the life that goes on in the rooms where it is found. Klaus Pichler (1977, Austria) takes an uncomfortably close look at the dust bunnies of various establishments, drawing our attention to the evidence, oft thought invisible, that we leave in our wake. Apartments, cafes, a pet shop, an art museum, a sex club: each of Pichler's dust findings illustrate existence of life, sans veneer. It isn't a study of life as we would present it to be, but rather, life in its more grounded form, before we've swept away the unwanted.

Dust was featured in GUP #44 - the Raw issue. Dust has also been published as a book (Anzenberger, Jan 2015), in a limited edition of 450 signed and numbered copies, available directly from the artist.