Ignacio Coló: At the Same Time



Ignacio Coló (b. 1980, Argentina) has a background in photography history and filmmaking and he is currently working for a major Argentinian newspaper Sunday Magazine of La Nacion. For ‘At the Same Time’, his latest photography project, he documented the life of the 51-year-old twin-brothers Eduardo and Miguel Portnoy, who have never lived apart since birth. According to Coló, “they have a mild developmental delay, which makes them more vulnerable but also brings them closer together.”

The Portnoy-twins found support and shelter among the Jewish community, who arranged their jobs and continuously provides them with material resources in addition to emotional security. However, all in all, the main support is their love for one another. Without having any close friends, they do everything by themselves. The focus in ‘At the Same Time’ is on the twins’ symbiosis, their environment and their close bond. Coló provides an honest display of togetherness and loneliness where vulnerability stands in the centre.