#42 — Open Space



Throughout the history of photography, whether in the name of science or art, people have been travelling far and wide in order to take pictures of remote places. In this issue of GUP Magazine, we pay tribute to the human tendency – or should we say 'attitude' – to size up all of space.

The issue features an interview with Yaakov Isreal. With his 8x10'' camera he captures the wide desserts and nearly empty landscapes with usually not more than one person present. Nora Uitterlinden invited him for a conversation about seeing beyond borders and the complicated connection between man en land.

Addition photographers highlighted in the magazine include: Alvaro Deprit, Kirill Golovchenko, Elspeth Diederix, Tiago Casanova, Yoshinori Mizutani and Jane Hilton, among others.

Featured in this issue