#64 - Silhouette



A silhouette is a form of abstraction: a deduced entity, of which we can recognise only the most basic shape. But does its contours mask or reveal the true nature of something?

In this issue of GUP Magazine, we acknowledge the wide variety of conceptual approaches to abstract photography. Whether it comes from a bird's-eye view on Polish snowscapes (Kacper Kowalski) prints enhanced with gold leaf (Carolle Bénitah) or handmade maquettes that make for uncanny interiors (Popel Coumou). Whether outlining the quintessence of contemporary urban conflict (Ulrich Lebeuf), offering kaleidoscopic impressions of late-capitalist university spaces (Andrea Grützner) or giving expression to feelings experienced (Philp J. Brittan). We have it all covered.

As is customary, GUP also features an abundance of emerging talent. Egor Fedosov - born in the 21st century!) is inspired by the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Igor Pjörrt finds an interest in Betelgeuse (one of the largest stars visible to the naked eye) and applies its explosive potential metaphorically, creatively translating the complications of long-distance love. Antigone Kourakou's renewed interpretations of classic motifs are as beautiful as her own name.

We also acknowledge the rising career of Ana Zibelnik, the winner of our debuting New Dutch Photography Talent Award.

-The Editorial Team