#63 - Portraits of Life



Photography has the ability to satiate our curiosity for situations completely different from what we’re familiar with. The photographers featured in this issue, either by completely exposing their own environment or immersing themselves in that of their subject, provide a unique peek into the lives of strangers. We are granted access into (fragments of) unknown worlds from the safety of our own home.

We present the latest project by Pieter Hugo, La Cucaracha, which brings to the fore the travelling artist’s openness towards generic yet unexpected situations. Hajar Benjida went to the famous Atlanta strip club Magic City to photograph the group of people that usually remain in the background, even though they are arguably the most influential of all: the strippers.

In an article by Daniel Boetker-Smith based on an interview, Richard Learoyd talks about making photographs with his camera obscura. GUP #63 furthermore presents the work of exciting new and classic photographers such as Federico Estol, Loïc Seguin, Isabella Convertino, Alba Zari and Peter Hujar.

Featured in this issue