#60 - Tribute



GUP Magazine is celebrating! What’s more, we’re doing so in great company. This is our 60th issue and to commemorate the occasion we pay tribute to a number of esteemed photographers who have reached or will soon arrive at the remarkable age of 60.

We are delighted to present an exclusive and extensive interview with Erwin Olaf by curator Wim van Sinderen.

We have more 60-year-olds for you, for example: Carl De Keyzer, Lise Sarfati, Dirk Braeckman and GUP founder and owner Roy Kahmann, who talks about the works of Sanne Sannes from his personal collection.

We love paying tribute to these legends, but your Guide to Unique Photography always looks towards the future as well. That is why we invited three 60-year-olds to introduce a younger talent, including a brand new joint project by Sanne De Wilde and Bénédicte Kurzen.

Featured in this issue