#59 - Pseudo



We have come to accept this hard fact: photography wasn’t guileless from the very start.

It might have been a bit naive to trust in the age-old concepts of objectivity and transparency, or the idea that photography always tells the absolute and unquestionable truth. Yet the ‘post-truths’ that we are forced to deal with today can be very confusing and are often even deceptive. How to deal with this uncertainty?

‘Pseudo’, as we have themed this issue of GUP Magazine, is a word that doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation. That much is clear when looking at the work of the many great artists featured here, often delivering colourful interpretations of this grey zone.

Viviane Sassen, Arko Datto, Todd Hido, Kevin Osepa and Lebohang Kganye: they all add their own contribution to the undetermined space we are now all living in. Between fact and fiction there lingers a wondrous world of endless possibilities, and photography is the ideal medium with which to explore this domain.

Featured in this issue