#58 - Delicate



A photograph is always a delicate object. Paper can tear, ink can fade, and even a digital image isn’t safe: hard drives can crash.

Instead of fearing this inherent delicacy, some photographers featured in this issue embrace it and at times even use it to their advantage. As Tiane Doan na Champassak explains in his interview, he not only accepted damage done to his prints, but it actually inspired him to celebrate imperfections. Thomas Demand plays with the fragility and temporality of paper in a different way: by making constructions only to tear them down after taking his picture. Several other photographers, like Saul Leiter and cover star Ryan James Caruthers, display a different kind of delicacy: the intimate relationship between photographer and model.

GUP 58 also presents the work of Laura Stevens, Christopher Anderson, Habiba Nowrose, Max Pinckers, Jack Davison, Thomas Vandenberghe and others.

Featured in this issue