#57 — Ideal



Ours is a peculiar time, when the line between the news and soap operas is blurring; when the differences between fact and fiction, and artifice and reality, are being called into question. But with the festival season about to kick off and many gorgeous new photo books soon to arrive, for us this is also a time to stay positive and look forward to what is to come.

In GUP #57, we present a selection of photographers who each in their own way reflects on the difference between the real world and our idealised version of it, on how the map and the territory refuse to overlap. Marcelo Brodsky looks back to the global activism of exactly 50 years ago and what it means today. Lisette Model and Luigi Ghirri, two influential 20th-century photographers, both had their own ideas about what the ideal world looks like.

The issue also includes the work of Guy Martin, Anna Hahoutoff, Rebecca Moseman and Lorenzo Vitturi. We introduce talented young photographers Gilleam Trapenberg, Paul Cupido and Vittoria Gerardi. For our new section In Progress, we talked to Marijn Kuijper about what he’s been working on.

Featured in this issue