GUP Instagram takeover: Brian Merriam




Brian Merriam is a photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. Despite living in the city, most of his work is made outside of it in open, natural, and often forgotten places. His work explores themes of loneliness, loss and longing, as well as the age-old pursuit of reconciling one's place in the universe.

Recently we featured the series The Last Best Place in GUP#44, the Raw issue. Here he looks with aching clarity at the American landscape in an alternative photographic roadtrip. He focusses on the part of the country that try to remain free of civilisation, although he occasionally includes the fellow travellers of his expeditions in his work.

GUP#44 is ready for purchase here.

Let's see what lavish journey Brian will encounter during the next 10 days, follow him on the @gupmagazine feed this week as he lets us experience life of an explorer in the American rural areas.